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We carry hundreds of items for refill. For local orders, you can click on the Local Orders tab to view our Refill Menu with a full variety of products we carry in the store. Common items we refill are dish soap, laundry soap, hand soap, shampoos & conditioners, castile soap, cleaners, even toothpaste and underarm deodorant is refillable at our store! As much as possible, we curate environmentally friendly products, many of them local and concentrated to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping products across the country. NOTE: we do not carry bulk food products. 

How do we refill our bottles?

You may bring in a bottle from home to be refilled. Bottles must be clean on the outside before our staff will handle them. Bring your bottles to the front desk. We will weight the containers before we put product inside them. There, you can also let us know which products you would like to refill. Price is based on the weight inside the product. We price based on 100g. However, you can purchase as little or as much as you would like. We will do the physical refilling to help prevent spillage. 

What if I forgot my bottles at home?

We always have options at the store if you forget your jar. We always have jars/containers for sale, OR, we keep free, sanitized upcycled containers on hand too. We also take in donations of free containers. Which ever option you choose, we try our best to be responsible for what we put out into the world.  

Why Refill? 

Skip all the plastic that ends up in landfills or recycling plants here. Also, generally you save between 10-15% on most items when you refill. Packaging costs!


Over 50% of our refillable products are local. Many of the suppliers we carry take back the containers they give to use and reuse/refill them too. Another 15% is Canadian made product at the rest from elsewhere.


We have lots of testers in the store. Also, the best thing about refilling is that you can buy as little or as much as you want. Just try a smaller amount the first before you commit to filling up a whole container if you are unsure as there are zero returns on refillable products. 


Unopened regularly stocked product within 15 days of purchase can be returned. Absolutely no returns on refillable
items or free re-do refills for any reason on spilled product outside our shop for any reason. Before you leave the store test out the products first, test your jars to prevents spillage, and/or or buy a little amount the first time to make sure you like the product. 


What if my product spills or leaks after I leave?

Before you bring in your containers from home our use our freebies - please check for leaks! We will always do our best to check and tighten your jars in store, but please understand that once you leave the store, we will not provide re-do refills if your jar leaks or spills. 

Lids that are worn out, disintegrating such as PETE plastic, and loose containers (such as yogurt packaging) for liquid products generally don't make for safe and secure refills. So, be confident in what you are bringing us for refills so you get your items home spill free!

What other items do you sell? 

We sell many items from local artisans, some gifts, and have a small housewares selection. We also carry items that are unwrapped and use little packaging. Also, we carry many items that help curb our single use habits like reusable sponge cloths that are compostable!

Any other community Involvement?

Throughout the year, we always raise money for Monarch Place, an organization that helps women and their children flee domestic violent abuse. We also have raised more than $1000 for the Indigenous Climate Action organization and the Indigenous Residential School Survivor's. 

Also stay tuned to our social media as we are looking to open up our clean up/volunteering efforts to include the public. Currently we volunteer as a Refill Stop team!

Can I get a bigger discount the more I buy?

Our prices on the products we sell are some of the best prices you will find on the goods we sell. We are not a wholesaler, we provide a service that refills into your bottles from home to save you purchasing new bottles every time which cost money and would otherwise be "recycled" thereby saving the environment from tens of thousands of bottles from ending up in landfill or energy on recycling. 
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